Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Exploring Wholesome Snacking: Terra Chips

Lately, gourmet products are flooding the supermarket shelves. I am not exaggerating when I say that on my visit to the grocery store after just a week, I came across several new products promising curated exquisite taste. Out of all the latest products, the one that caught my eye this time was Terra Chips. Unlike the horde of other potato chips, currently in the market, having pronounced gourmet flavoring or made with either a unique method, Terra Chips' vibrant color stood out.

That day, after returning from the store, my curiosity made me Google as to why Terra Chips have such distinct colors. The thought of them being artificial colored did cross my mind, but then I learnt that they are made with a diverse range of root vegetables and not just the plain old potato. In short, they are real vegetable chips. Currently, they offer the Exotic Vegetable Chips range in India which comprises of Mediterranean, Original and Blues variant. And have recently launched Sweets Medley, another variant, in India. The ones that I had come across at the shop were the Mediterranean and the Blues.    

What I really liked about the products is the idea that they are a delicious gourmet snacking option and the fact that Terra isn't marketing its products as superfoods based but rather as a wholesome experience promising both taste and goodness of real vegetables. Also, not only Terra Chips bring exotic flavors to our palates, they, as a brand, believe in sustainable practices leading to both a healthier you and a healthier planet. Thus, it is not at all unexpected that the products are 100% gluten free as well as devoid of any genetically modified ingredients!

As pointed our, Terra chips are gluten and GMO-free and thus can be served to the guests at a party too. And that brings me to the concept of creating delectable canapes out of these gourmet delights with minimal efforts and still end up wowing the guests. Also, those with children who are picky eaters can easily get their kids to snack on wholesome vegetables like beet, sweet potato, carrot, parsnip, taro, cassava and even naturally blue potatoes in the form of these chips. The possibilities are endless. Hence, it shouldn't be surprising to know what is on my to-buy list for my next visit to the supermarket. 

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