Monday, October 17, 2016

Healthy Snacks For Healthy Life

Those little munchies called snacks which help you keep those hunger pangs at bay in between your meals are a God-sent gift, in my opinion. But again, snacking can wreck a havoc on your diet if you end up choosing unhealthy snacks. Hence, choosing healthy snacking options to binge on all day is very crucial. Keeping this in mind, has an entire section dedicated to healthy snacks on their website along with 2500+ unique food products! Today I am going to share my top picks for that guilt-free nibbling all day long.

1. Chia Seeds: Hailed as a superfood in the Western world lately, chia seeds has been a staple in South American diet since the Aztec times. These tiny seeds pack loads of nutrients and are a great source of protein. One simply has to allow the chia seeds to soak in either milk or water (as per their choice) for some time in order to have a great snack. Just top it with some fruits and nuts and this perfect snack will never disappoint you. You can buy chia seeds online here.

2. Methi Theplas: Gujaratis swear by this food preparation. Why wouldn't they? This evergreen snack is made up of whole wheat flour along with dried fenugreek and several other good-for-you spices, and unlike other Indian snacks, this one isn't fried in oodles of oil! My preferred way of enjoying methi theplas is with yoghurt for that extra dose of nutrition. You can learn how to make methi theplas at home here. But if you are pressed for time, you can buy them online here.

3. Roasted Makhana: Used extensively for cooking and as a snack in Eastern states of the country, makhana is relatively unheard of in Mumbai. It is only recently that people are realising that something by this name exists and is a great source of antioxidants along with several other minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. My children love roasted makhana- it has a popcorn-like feel, yet is tastier and more nutritious than your regular popcorn. You can easily get makhana anywhere these days, even online here!

4. Sattu Drink: This one is more of a drink-based snack as opposed to something to be munched upon. This one here, again, is something which is widely used in states of West Bengal, Bihar and U.P. Sattu basically is roasted Bengal gram flour. Hence, it is packed chock-a-block with protein and a host of other vitamin and minerals. To prepare sattu drink, one simply has to dissolve a few tablespoon full in water and season it with the spices and condiments of their preference. This one is useful for people who do not have the time to cook or expertise in cooking. You can order sattu powder online here.

Feel free to comment below and tell me about your favourite healthy snacks.

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