Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mehandi & Mehandi Designs

Applying Henna or Mehandi is deeply imbibed within Indian culture. Almost every festive occasion sees women applying Mehandi to their palms in different intricated patterns; be it Diwali, a wedding, the occasion of Karwa Chauth, or even Eid.

The practice of applying Mehandi is ancient as it is being done since ages in the Indian subcontinents. Initially, Mehandi used for colouring the palms and feet, but slowly, the Mehandi has transformed from that to a creative process of applying beautiful mehndi designs.

Today, I am going to tell you about the different types of mehndi designs so that you can choose the one which fits you best for the next occasion in your life.

Indian Mehandi Design

Originally practised by the Rajputs, the Indian Mehandi Design incorporates quintessentially Indian motifs like peacocks, flowers,  etc. It is a very dense design and thus is time-consuming to make.  Usually, this type of Mehandi Design is reserved for brides who wear these on their wedding day.

Arabic Mehandi Design

Mehandi culture is deeply rooted even within the Middle-east. It is said that Mehandi came to India through the Arabs. Hence, it is natural that it is practised there too. Arabic Mehandi Designs are simpler than Indian Mehandi Designs and are more floral designs in nature. The most striking feature of Arabic Mehandi Design is that they are almost like a drawing on palms.

Glitter Mehandi Design

These days, everything is getting a remix. So it is only natural for Mehandi to get a makeover too. Glitter Mehandi Designs have been in vogue currently. It is, basically, filling in the Mehandi outlines with glitter or accentuating certain parts of the design with glitter. It is very decorative in nature and in very much demand from the youngsters who are wanting to experiment.

Indo-Arabic Mehandi Design

Indians love taking a cue from other cultures and adapting it to suit their sensibilities. Thus it is very much obvious that they would adapt the beautiful Arabic Mehandi Designs to suit their liking. Indo-Arabic Mehandi Design is a filled version of Arabic Mehandi design. Who says getting the best of both the worlds is hard?

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