Monday, December 14, 2015

This season, Share A Hug

In an interesting turn of events, last weekend, I ended up watching three friendship movies back to back, namely, 3 Idiots, Dil Chahta Hai, and, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. These movies made me reminisce my days of youth; those days when all we wanted was a reason to celebrate with friends, those days when yaari-dosti was the essence of life, those days when issues were resolved not by talking out things but by merely sharing a hug.

As the next logical step to do when jogging down the lane of nostalgia, I called up a few close friends from my school days and college days, and thus began the out pour of bottled up stories and wanting a reason to celebrate again together. The fast approaching Christmas season was our excuse and helped immensely into building an itinerary to unite old friends spread all over the length and breadth of India, given that I studied in Kendra Vidyalayas all across India.

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So today, I am sharing with you readers a handful of ways in which you can ignite forlorn friendships and share a hug like the olden days:

  1. Write a letter: Forget the social media and go the old-fashioned way, like it used to be in our times, and write a letter to your buddies. I know, it is out of the fashion now, but nothing speaks more thoughtfulness and brims with more love than a lovely handwritten letter. After all, haven't you preserved the letters you have received till date?
  2. Call Up: If the prospect of writing a letter makes you too nervous, just a phone out-of-the-blue would do the trick too. It is all about making the first move to rekindle the lost days.
  3. Show Up: If you know for sure their address, why not pay a visit and surprise them? It is surely a bit bold, but you can surely play this card and relive the good old days with your best friend. And who knows, seeing you at the door, they will share a hug too.
  4. Gifting: Be thoughtful and send them over a parcel full of things they loved back in the day. It is a symbol that you still care and treasure the days you spent days fooling around and making memories.
The key here to celebrating friendship after long decades is being responsible, that is, celebrate responsibly, after all, we are blessed with wonderful families to take care of, right?

Disclaimer: This article is meant for audience of the age 25 years and above.

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