Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Real Togetherness

A few days back, I was watching this Kissan video and it landed me in deep contemplation. It suddenly made me realize that people have grown apart from each other under the pretext of constantly being in touch. We have reached a stage where we spend more than half our time in office using a computer or laptop under the pretext of working and then the other half of our time glued to our smart phones under the pretext of 'connect' with the people who hold an important place in our lives. We have surely gotten technology-savy but for that we have ended up trading the joy of real togetherness.

In the video you can see, the old man gets increasingly depressed because the people around him seemed to have forgotten human interaction altogether. The same is happening with us and our society; we think we are connected with everyone but we are missing out on true togetherness. If these ongoing festivities are a testimony of something, it is the observation that youngsters these days instead of partaking in the ongoing activities prefer indulging in photography so that they can have some share-worthy pictures to post on their social media. It is just the incident from yesterday where I saw a bunch of teenage girls in my society dressed up in their finest for the garba dance, but to my surprise, instead of participating in the garba dance, all they did was go near the main area and click some selfies! Later, I overheard them exclaim over-enthusiastically between themselves about the number of likes they got on their picture!

In olden days, people sat together and discussed everything under the sun with one another and that helped in strengthening the bond of togetherness they harboured, as family, as friends and also overall, as a community. Back in the day, families sat together and had their meals, be it the breakfast or their dinner, but now a days, every family member prefers taking their meal in their bedrooms, in front of their Personal Computer or laptop or in the company of their constantly buzzing smart phones. I would not lie here, the same is the scenario at my house too and hence, I came up with a plan.

The plan? Taking my family, that is, my husband, children, a few relatives and close friends of my children out for a trekking trip to a place where getting a strong mobile phone signal is still a distant dream. The plan worked out beautifully and it gave us the chance to connect better with one another amid the beautiful surrounding we were in.

But hey, you do not need to go on some expensive camping or trekking trip just to win back that bon, but do something that helps you connect with your family, be it simple activity like gardening, as shown in the Kissan video, or even something as basic as scheduling a fixed time everyday for family chat (we have a specific term we use in our house for the 1.5 hours talking we do everyday minus technology, it is called 'Foxy')

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