Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gift Options For Men

With the festive season already blooming, it is again that time of the year when the shopping spree for the perfect gifts takes place. Shopping for distant relatives are generally easier when compared to the task of picking up the perfect gifts for men in your life; be it your dad, hubby, or even your beloved son. Fret not because today I have put together a list of gifts for him, that is are fail-safe and would be cherished by the men you treasure in your life, at least till the next festive season.

1. Classic Watch: 
Every person who values time has to sport a watch on their wrist. It is a popular gifting option, especially for men who are stepping into a new phase of life; for instance, your son who would be going off to college soon, or, your husband who is stepping into a new position after his promotion. The key to choosing a watch for gifting is simplicity; avoid flashy and complex watches. For the device entrusted with the job of showing time, go for timelessness.

2. Sturdy Sunglasses:
A person's eyes are the window to their soul, thus, isn't it imperative that you show some love for this window and gift something which protects it? Too much of running around in the sun without adequate protection for the eyes from the harsh UV rays does a lot of harm in the long run. Show your concern to the men you value in your life by gifting a pair of sturdy sunglasses that shields their eyes from the bane sun brings along.

3. Fine Scotch: 
For the men who are at their celebratory best during this season, gift a bottle of aged and matured scotch. Scotch as gift is rarely thought of. Sipping on this scotch whilst he is at his contemplative best, or, while toasting the big moments, he shall thank you from the bottom of his heart for this gift, every time. 

4. Moleskin Planner and sophisticated fountain pen: 
For the busy men in your life, or even the ones who love keeping a track of their schedule; a planner paired with a fountain pen checks all the boxes. Take it up a notch higher and express the importance they hold in your life by gifting a solid moleskin planner along with a sophisticated, and, if possible, a personalized fountain pen. Also, in a world where everything is digital, a gift with vintage appeal has its own charm.  

5. Quality Scent: 
"When in doubt, gift a scent". 
Although a perfume or cologne is a no-brainer gifting option, a lot can usually go wrong when choosing the perfect scent. For starters, every man has his own fragrance preference; some would side with fresh scents while some would stick to their woody musk, no matter what. Hence, it is crucial you understand what makes the man you are picking up the perfume or cologne for tick. Also, steer clear of cheap ones, it is a huge put-off. Choose classy and elegant ones, after all, the thought you put in it shows how much you care.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for audience of the age 25 years and above.

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