Friday, August 21, 2015

Things I would do with The Fastest Network Ever

In an era when every thing is fast, right from the food we prefer to the telecast of our favourite US television series, slow internet is a thing which would not go down well with most people. In fact, my mother, aged 65 years, who has recently learned how to use Google for her quick queries like 'cure for indigestion', gets annoyed pretty fast if the page takes longer than 15 seconds to load. Honestly, even 3G cannot match up to the speed we look out for, after getting addicted to super fast broadband connections with a speed of at least 10-15 Mbps. Enter Airtel 4G, the fastest ever network to help you load websites within the blink of an eye!

These are the things I plan to do with the fastest network ever, that is, Airtel 4G:

  • Live Online Streaming- I hate when I need to watching a live broadcast of a particular event on Youtube, yet, my service provider's network speed gives up on me and I end up missing important chunks of the broadcast or end up lagging behind the telecast. The new Airtel 4G solves this problem of mine. Now I can effortlessly watch the live broadcasts without any stoppage in between and not end up being frustrated at the end of this exercise.
  • Downloading Movies- I am a huge movie-buff and love staying up to date with the new movies hitting the theatres. But alas, my busy schedule and never ending work requirements ends up depriving me of this pleasure, hence, I try to sneak in a movie or two whenever possible, like during travelling or while waiting for somebody. So as you might have guessed, my smartphone is my indispensable companion. Still, to download the movie, the slow speed is not really desirable. Now, because of Airtel 4G, I can download movies within minutes and enjoy any of them without having to pre-transfer them beforehand.
  • Streaming Television Series- The thing that irks me the most is having to download each and every episode of the Television Series I follow to stay abreast of the happenings on it. If I do not, then I shall have to wait for the entire season to get over so that I can download the whole thing at once. But the second option is not feasible and on top of that my favourites list run into pages. A few of my favourites are Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones, Melissa and Joey, Two Broke Girls, New Girl....and I have just begun. Given this scenario, I would not miss a chance to stream these television series online directly the second day of the telecast, but again the time constraints. Now, Airtel 4G makes it possible for me to stream the shows online on my smartphone, hence, I can sneak in an episode or two on my phone during the lunch hours and without letting my boss know about any of it. Quite a win-win, right? 

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