Friday, June 12, 2015

Natural and simple skin care tips

Beautiful and clear skin is everyone's dream. Read on for my natural, simple and effective skincare tips that will help you achieve the same:

  1. Stop touching your face- This one is a complete no-brainer which I started doing only recently. I never really paid heed to this advice and as a result constantly had a zit at someplace or other on my face. Scientifically what happens is that the dirt, sebum and germs collected by your hands throughout the day enters your pores on the facial skin when the fingers come into contact with the facial skin, thereby, causing a lot of harm. Hence, I recommend not to touch face very often and wash hands with a handwash before cleansing, in order to keep your pores free from the gunk accumulated by your hands.

  1. Change pillow cover frequently- I know, this tip sounds a bit offbeat and does not particularly fit into the bill of beauty tips. But this tip is the one which again, makes a lot of difference. Want to know why? Well, our pillow covers tend to accumulate the sebum and dead skin cells over a period of time, on top of that, moisturizer residue and occasional make up remnants makes the matter worse. So when you go without changing your pillow cover over an extended period of time the same gunk goes into your facial skin pores through the contact of your pillow cover! Now you know inspite of that great routine before bedtime why you still end up with pimples sometimes. Hence, I recommend changing pillow cover every two days if you have acne and/ or oily skin, and every 4 days if you have a normal healthy skin.
  2. Homemade besan scrub-cum-facial- My mother happens to be a big fan of natural skincare routines. When I was suffering from acne, these magazines by their exaggeration of chemical-laden beauty remedies managed to convince me that natural solutions would not really yield a significant result. But after encountering no improvement, I finally, tired of spending a big chunk of my merge pocket money on these chemical products made a switch to natural ones. I adopted my mom's weekly routine of applying besan scrub-cum-facial mask and the results were phenomenal. The turmeric in the scrub-cum-facial mask dried out my acne within a month and the besan, everytime, left me with smoother and softer skin. I cannot rave enough about this scrub-cum-facial mask which every Grandmother and mother, in India, can whip up in seconds. If making this at home seems tedious, one can always use Vicco Turmeric moisturizer which primarily has a turmeric base.
  3. Wash face after coming from outside or indulging in sweat inducing activity- Basically, I recommend washing face with a good cleanser or at least a soap whenever one comes from outside or indulges in any sweat inducing activity. The primary reason for this is, the sweat and dust, if left unattended, will clog the pores and pave way for pimples or blackheads or whiteheads. 
  4. Use a good quality moisturizer- I suggest not at all to go cheap in the garb of saving a few bucks when it comes to buying moisturizer but at the same time I am not suggesting that only expensive moisturizers are good moisturizers. And by the term good moisturizer I mean those which have the minimum amount of chemicals in them. After all, chemicals are never good. Trying to find one which works for you, and stick to it.

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