Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App

Do you use any of Airtel services like their their SIM card or DTH or your internet connection? If yes, then there's a good news for you. Airtel has come up a great mobile application called My Airtel which simplifies the way you pay your bills and to simplify recharging.

The My Airtel mobile application from Airtel has got everything for you from paying your bills to recharge and even by using their portal to do so, you'll receive exclusive cash backs and coupons. The major aim of this application is to make your life easier. And in my opinion, it does it very well.

Below are some amazing features which I have impressed me:

1. The 'khunn khunn' feature:
By shaking (khunn khunn) the application will bring up some great deals which will save you more money and is perfect for the service which you have selected. By adding this feature Airtel have surely made it easy to find the best deals and by this you don't need to look at every deal or offer and then select the one which seems good. This feature of My Airtel application saves a hell lot of time which you can either utilize to pay other bills or on any other work ;).

2. Surprises by Airtel:
Surprises feature will be providing you some really great discount coupons and offers which helps you to save money. While you recharge or pay your bills you will be asked by the application to select any coupon which you want. You can select the one which you think you'll use in future. Like if you think that in future you'll purchase anything from Myntra then you can select the coupon which will help you to save money while shopping from Myntra. So this feature makes the recharge or bill paying process rewarding. And who does not like to get surprises?

3. Auto bill payment or 'I want to' feature:
You might have got bored of investing you time in payment of due bills or in doing recharges of your mobile or to transfer money to any of your relatives. So if don't really like to do this process every month then this feature is specially build just for you!. With this feature what My Airtel app will do all these boring task frequently on monthly basis. Like I really don't like to spend my time recharging my DTH account every month. So what I can do is let My Airtel app do this for me every month.

My Airtel application not only helps you while paying bills, but it also does reminds you about the due bills and even notifies you about any of your pack of any service is about to end. So in my opinion I would recommend you to try this app. You can download the application  from the website of My Airtel app.

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