Sunday, February 1, 2015

Get Quikr NXT!

Imagine you are about to sell any of your old gadgets or home appliances or any other old used product which you think will be useful for others but currently isn't useful to you. Obviously you'll try to sell it through online classified websites which allows you to post free advertisements of your used product just like Quikr. But what if anyone tries to troll you over a phone call? Just like an TV campaign of Quikr which describes how fake callers can troll you:

I'm sure you really don't want anyone calling you and trying to troll you and waste your precious time. That's the reason quikr has came up with an innovative idea called Quikr NXT to avoid these kind of phone calls.

If in future I plan to sell any household or any used product on Quikr I would surely prefer using this feature, here are some cases in which I will mostly use this feature like:

  1. In the case when you are quite busy with your office or some other work and any willing to buy buyer calls you and asks you for more in depth details of the product then you have only two options either to stop your important work and explain him or to ask him call later. Whereas if you use the new chat feature you can read the message and reply him/her anytime you want.
  2. No one really likes to share his/her private mobile number with a stranger right? It is possible that any unknown person can call you or you might have heard of spam/cold calls in which unknown person calls you and tries to sell any product. Yes this kind of calls can ring your phone, this happens.
  3. The chat feature will also help you as a proof of the deal. What I mean by that is you can use the conversation history anytime you want. So that you and the buyer has no confusion in future. Confusion like delivery date problems etc can occur. Delivery problem can be something like you asked to deliver it on 29th of May but the seller delivered it to you on any earlier or any later day. So using this feature is really helpful to avoid confusions.
Here are some more TV campaigns which will explain show you some situations in which Quik NXT is useful:

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