Sunday, February 15, 2015

5 reasons why the Asus Zenfone is my ideal Valentine

Who needs a boring man for a Valentine when you have got a Asus Zenfone with you? These are my 5 reasons which makes Asus Zenfone an ideal Valentine for me:

1. Super Camera
As a Blogger, most of my time goes in creating content, both textual and visual. Carrying around my camera all the time is such a pain plus shooting in kitchen is a troublesome work which risks my camera almost all the time, yet, I can't compromise on the quality of the visual media I put up online. Enter Asus Zenfone series with its high quality 5-element optical formula lens, now all I need is this phone to put up stellar pictures and videos up on my blog. Number one reason to love this beauty.

2. Long Battery Life
This is such a boon for a person like me who toggles between places; from home to college to internships. I am constantly on the go; charging my smart phone again and again is not feasible, not at all! Here again Asus Zenfone series come to my rescue, with its energy efficient processor which optimizes the charge and promises a long battery life. So now, even on the mornings I wake up late; I don't need to stress over that fact that I haven't charged my phone. Bliss.

3. Terrific Sound Experience
Gone the days of CDs; these days all you need is a phone loaded with music to start a party or keep yourself entertained during hours long commute to and fro places. But sub-par sound experience because of the hardware is the only thing that mar the experience. Now, this Asus Zenfone series promises an ultimate sound experience on the basis of their SonicMaster technology. So all I need now is an Asus Zenfone to enjoy my long playlist of rock and metal songs.

4. Appearance that fits my mood
My moods keep changing; someday I am peppy and upbeat and someday I am bored and uninspired. Heck, even my colour preference keeps changing. It is such a dilemma choosing a phone in a specific colour because maybe in a day or two you'd start cursing yourself why didn't you take it in another colour. Now this lovely Asus Zenfone series's phones come with interchangeable colour cases! What more can a confused girl ask for!

5. Seamless multi-tasking
I hate when my phone hangs amidst of me toggling between tasks. Obviously, this is the age of multi-tasking; I am checking my mail, downloading some stuff, messaging people and listening to music all at the same time. Asus Zenfone series with its powerful processor ensures that I can execute my tasks seamlessly, what a win-win!

These are my five reasons, what are your's?

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