Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relocating to Bangalore with Quikr

Bangalore, officially known as Bangaluru now, is the capital of the state of Karnataka and is the Information Technology Hub of India. Not many would know that it is also known as the "Garden City of India" and obviously, the "Rock and Metal' Capital of India. It is amazing how much Bangalore can be. And this easily makes Bangalore an ideal place to live in, for me at least.

Speaking of living, today I'm going to tell you guys how I would utilize the Quikr website to my maximum advantage if I were to move to Bangalore. But firstly a bit about the brand: Quikr

"Quikr is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform, a place where people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services. Launched in 2008 with the vision for buyers and sellers to “meet online, transact offline”, today it has over 4.2 million listings and have generated over 150 million replies.Headquartered in Mumbai, Quikr operates from 940 cities across India and is accessed by more than 30 million unique users and 26 million brand new customers per month. It has over 13 categories and 170 sub-categories, with the most popular being mobile phones and electronics, real estate, cars and bikes."

Okay, now lets talk about the real deal here. See, basically, when you move somewhere new, the first thing one needs is new furniture. Yes, obviously if you love being in an empty room you wouldn't. But I just can't stay without a proper bed and a cupboard- the most basic furniture.

But yes, as I said, moving within a city is hard and even harder is moving to a completely new city altogether. Packing clothes and other paraphernalia is a big task in itself. In such situations, moving furniture is a total no-no for me.

But again, when moving to a new city buying new furniture altogether is a bad idea because, firstly, you don't know the local area that well, so you might end up coughing up more cash than required for a piece of furniture. Hence, the only viable option in these scenarios is to buy second hand furniture. Still, spending a few days without a nice bed is a bad idea for me.

Now here is where Quikr comes into play. I can browse from their huge classifieds and can arrange things beforehand. So that when I touch Bangalore, everything would already be there for me. Convenient, isn't it? Just follow these steps:

  1. Just go on the website
  2. Choose the city, which in my case was Bangalore.
  3. Type in the search bar whatever you are looking for, which in my case is a nice double bed.

And the world is open for you my friend, browse through the classifieds and zero onto the product of your liking. I chanced upon this listing which is of a queen sized double bed only for Rs. 5000; in my opinion it is a steal! I mean seriously, where do you get a bed for just Rs. 5000 that too double sized!

The best part about Quikr is that I can chat with the seller online and that just makes it even more convenient because I don't have to move an inch to call the seller! So if you are moving, just go ahead and check out the website, you would surely find tonnes of great deals too.

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