Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ghar Wali Diwali

Diwali is a huge affair in India, a country where every household is lightened and brightened up in the anticipation of this day; it is said that the Goddess of Wealth herself steps onto the face of the earth on this auspicious day and beauty is what attracts her. But again, it is a reason to celebrate togetherness, with friends and family. Afterall, it is the wealth of relationships that matters the most.

My diwali memories are laced with impromptu on-the-day shopping trips with family, collectively making sweets fresh on the day of diwali, the pre-diwali cleaning with everyone, the puja and the post-puja dinner party. Oh yes, everything happens on the day of Diwali at our place. Although it is taxing, the moment of togetherness we share due to this festival of lights compensates for the year-long busy schedules everyone endures; all year long it is waking up and being out of the house until wee hours for either work or study. Under the disguise of Diwali and the vacation it brings along, house becomes home again with laughter of kids emanating from every corner and the cacophony of television's sound mixed with crackling of crackers.

One of my most memorable Diwali is the one where my husband decided to surprise us on the day of the festival by turning up early morning back from his business trip, which would've ideally continued for few more days. Me and my children had decided that we would celebrate a low key Diwali as it was supposed to be our first Diwali celebration which my husband couldn't attend. But all of sudden, we were filled with a renewed vigour and lofty plans as we saw him standing at the door that morning.

The first thing that began was cleaning, as my husband prefers things to be spick and span. Whatever was left of the morning was spent by every member of our family cleaning a corner of our house with perfection. Book shelves were rearranged, newspapers sorted and given to the recycler, glass items were re-cleaned and fresh coat of paint applied wherever necessary.

Next on the list was shopping. Hurriedly a list of items required for puja, sweet-making, post-puja dinner party and floral decorations was prepared and off went us hunting for them. It was a daunting task but we did manage to grab good deals. Post it, calls were made to friends, inviting them over to the dinner party.

Now was the time for sweet-making and the dinner's preparations. Oh, also the rangoli which was supposed to be made in sometime. Boondis were fried, soaked in sugar syrup and everyone sat down to give the laddoos its round shape. Karanji were filled, shaped and fried. Kaju Katlis left to set and then cut into funny shapes by kids. In the end, a lovely lotus rangoli too managed to show up at our front door. Overall, it was a hectic day yet, something in our ghar wali Diwali bound us all together even tighter.

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