Monday, June 30, 2014

When Rakhi needed to shop

(This is a work of pure fiction written for Baggout Blogger's contest.)

Rakhi Sawant joining politics a few months back didn't fail to grab headlines, after all, notorious for being a blunt starlet and mostly accused of stirring up unnecessary controversies, many wondered how long this new avatar of her's is going to last for. Also, what made to headline was her new wardrobe full of bright and spunky khadis (especially that parrot green ensemble). But just imagine, how did she escape the wrath of the paparazzis whilst shopping! Well, the only explanation could be that she shopped online and got the delivery by the hands of unsuspecting courier guy in the comfort of her house.

Online shopping is omnipresent in today's time, everyone does it, everyone knows how to do it. Rakhi too knows, but what she didn't know was about Baggout, a portal which played an integral part in her budget shopping spree and the parrot green outfit, all thanks to her childhood friend who prompted her to join politics, it was her who guided her towards Baggout....

Rakhi: Itna kachra, itne lafange, chee! Kya hoga iss desh ka!
Friend: Politics join kar na, if you want to bring change, be the change.
Rakhi: Yes, what an idea sir ji. Now I'll do iss desh ka bhala.
Friend: Thats the spirit.
Rakhi: But in these clothes? Abh stepping in politics toh politicians jaise kapde bhi chahiye na. Woh khadi, woh kurta pajama.
Friend: True that, but are you sure you want to wear all that?
Rakhi: Abh desh ke bhale ke liye wear toh karna padega na.
Friend: Woh bhi hai. But socch na, tere image ka kya hoga if news waale ne tujhe dekh liya shopping for khadi! Image banne se phele bikhar jaayegi!
Rakhi: I'll shop online na, simple! But yaar, Hill road ke discounts kaise milenge, that bargaining, that all latest-fashion at one place, that friends pointing out "Ye dekh"....
Friend: What's the big deal, Baggout is there na!
Rakhi: Baggout?
Friend: Yeah, it is an online portal which houses all online stores under one roof, aaram se go on it and you can browse products from other web stores like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, etc.
Rakhi: Aisa kya?
Friend: Yes, and friends can make catalogues for you too! Everything is like Hill Road but minus the effort of actually travelling till there.
Rakhi: Sounds good, but sasta thodi na padega!
Friend: Cashback option hai na! Go bring your laptop.
Rakhi: Sure
*Rakhi brings her laptop*
Friend: See the magic now...
*Quickly she makes an account for Rakhi and hands over the reins to her, a bewildered Rakhi happily explores like a shrewd middle-class budget savvy woman*
Rakhi: Kya baat hai, why didn't you tell me about it before?!
Friend: Even I came to know a few days back from my neighbour ki daughter se, and as soon as I came to know I bought myself bags of clothes and accessories, yesterday evening the courier boy delivered! And the quality, kya batau, top notch! Now I prefer shopping through baggout directly, instead of other eshops or even apna Hill road.
Rakhi: Koi nahi, chalo abh mere politician waale kapde toh saste mein nipat jaayenge.

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